3D Visualisation Services


We provide a complete service from storyboarding, animation and visual effects to editing and movie authoring. Examples include walkthroughs, animated objects interacting with their surroundings and the journey of the sun and the shadows cast across the face of a building.


Using Photomontage techniques, we seamlessly integrate our 3D images into photographs to illustrate design proposals within their context, which is beneficial for planning, and marketing.

Photo Real

Using our design experience we produce computer generated imagery to a highly realistic degree of detail. In combination with our extensive image library the result is “photo real” imagery that really sells an idea.


With photo-retouching anything is possible - We can turn cloudy skies blue, repair damage and wear and tear on a building, clean away litter and really bring a scene to life by introducing people, plants and vehicles from our extensive 3D and image libraries.

Re-touching can be used to explain proposed conversions or external refurbishments, transforming the existing into credible artistic impressions of the proposed.


Should you wish to discuss your particular organisation's 3D Visualisation requirements,
please contact us on 0207 833 5253