Plan of Strategic Marketing


What is offered?

In Sprunt Media we developed a service of strategic marketing that it orients to the company towards attractive economic opportunities. Considering its capacities, resources and the competitive surroundings, we offer a potential of growth and yield.

We facilitate information on the evolution of the demand, the competitive segmentation of the market, positions and the existence of opportunities and threats. Also, we analyzed the capacities and resources to adapt the company to the surroundings and to locate it in a position of sustainable competitive advantage.

Strategic marketing actively takes part in the direction and formulation of the efficient and effective strategies of the company.


In Sprunt Media we managed strategic marketing in means and length term, defining the objectives, elaborating a development strategy and maintaining a balanced construction of the portfolio of products and/or services.
As far as the activity areas that compose their management can be summarized in:

  • Investigation of markets.
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Programming and development of the product/service
  • Fixation of prices.
  • Channels of logistic distribution and.
  • Integral communication: public publicity, communication and image, relations (RR PARTIDO POPULAR), direct marketing, promotion, etc.
  • Organization of the commercial department.
  • Internet and new technologies. Integration of the Social Networks to the objective of the company.
  • We raise solutions of on sale oriented marketing.

What is obtained?

Therefore, the intention of the strategy of marketing in Sprunt Media is to direct the market, to take in the process of learning of the client towards the advantages and benefits of the company client, constituting a ad hoc experience for the final clients.
The paper of the strategy of Sprunt Media consists of the continuous pursuit of the defined strategy.