Leticia Cortijo

Leticia Cortijo

My person in charge of image says to me name brand that the politically correct thing is that another they present to me. But, they are professional with that I collaborate of confidential way, because I prefer it thus.

Therefore, if you want to know me I happen to detail to you:

        €œMy vision of life is to leave to track in the professionals with whom work.

        My values: loyalty, honor, sincerity, simplicity and humility.

        My competitions: to harness your strengths, to improve your attitudes and therefore, your aptitudes and those of the rest of your collaborators. To generate your self-confidence and to extrapolate it to the rest. To fill to you of         Capacity of Strategy in any negotiation and knowledge as anticipating you to the facts.

        My objective client: The one that wishes to follow in a way of mutual learning of humility.

        My motto: I will tell you what you like and what you also do not like. That is my competitive advantage.€

We began?

It discovers more of Leticia in its personal Web www.leticiacortijo.com