Directive training


What is offered?

In Sprunt Media we offer the opportunity to handle the best personal, professional and organizational development tools, harnessing the strengths of the professional.

We offer operative models of Emotional Intelligence and Training activating the own processes to improve the capacities and personal abilities of Communication and Leadership.

We support and we improved the processes of change in the professional personal plane in the labor scope.

We surely harness the action against the professional barriers, resistance or conflicts and you rule of negotiation.

We help to bring back to consciousness and to evaluate more deeply the positive of itself and the reality in the professional scope being managed its surroundings.


entrenamiento_directivo_coupling_leticia_cortijoIn days of individualized work and consultancy in sessions that will be carried out in the own facilities of the client.

With possibility of the Group Training, that consists of group sessions of work whose interaction will create collaborative synergies and the creation of processes of work at departmental and corporative level. With customized tools to develop in its own surroundings.

In the Individual Training a customized project for the member of the action will be realised. Reason why there will be a previous phase of detection of individualized needs.

We will be able to be based on subjects such as:

Tools To plan and to manage any type of project from the definition of the objectives to its control and pursuit.
To define objectives and to pass on them with clarity to the members of the equipment and to imply to them in its attainment.
To learn to delegate effectively

Really, to learn to being leader.

In Sprunt Media we prepared a PAP Plan de individual Personal Acción of professional tasks and each one of the subjects treated in professional the personal training/for its later training.

What is obtained?

To know the style control and own leadership and to know how to adapt it.

To evaluate to the people from an equipment perspective to be able to guide and to apply customized policies to them of motivation. Management of the Surroundings.

Security, Assertiveness, efficiency and effectiveness with [email protected] [email protected] and the equipment in the decision making.