Elaboration Strategic Plan of Business


 What is offered?

In Sprunt Media we took to end a plan of business of the company that, starting off of its present situation, generates the strategies necessary to secure a greater yield. Always in continuous communication and transparency with our clients.


  • Phase 1: Diagnosis and plan of action

Objective: Knowledge and evaluation of the problems and its causes.

Aspects to review:
1. Its vision de futuro
2. The values
3. Its present strategy of business
4. The profile of the people who do it possible
5. The work processes
6. The market and the relation with him
7. The economic and financial situation

What is obtained?

  • Phase 2: Plan of business

1. Present situation report (causes and consequences than it happens).
2. Aspects to solve.
3. Plan of action with the detail of the actions to take to end, implementation time and people in charge to execute them (internal or external).
4. Consensus on the diagnosis and plan of action. One is to secure the firm commitment in confronting it.

  • Phase 3: Implantation of the action plan

Home of the actions described and approved in the plan of action and during the established term.

Plan of Coupling company Marketing